Everyone deserves a home that they’re happy with. This includes having the garden of your dreams right outside your door! Whether you’re living in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle or in the quiet suburbs, matching your house with an equally beautiful garden is something that can be done with the right guide.

If you’ve always been a fan of the outdoors or lush greenery, we bet that at one time or another you’ve dreamed about the perfect garden. This includes all the beautiful plants and neat features you want to have installed. We’re here to tell you that creating your dream garden doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Here are our tips to help you make your dream garden a reality!

1. Get Inspired!

You might already have a mental sketch of your dream garden but it wouldn’t hurt to check other designs out there. You’ll be surprised by how many things are available now in garden designs. You might find some concepts you’ll want to incorporate into your own garden.

Garden Ideas

You can look for inspiration online or by visiting local garden centres. Keep hold of any pictures or ideas that you’d love to see in your own garden. This would make your planning phase a whole lot easier!

2. Start Small, Dream Big

To achieve your garden design, you need to have a plan. Start simple by placing a few ideas in a sketch or a board. Explore different colours, textures, and materials. There are no rules in creating a dream garden, so just have fun with it!

Once you’re happy with the plan you have, get it on paper. You can get a professional landscaper or designer to help you out.

3. Study Your Space

Get your tape measure out! It’s time to put your design to scale by measuring and assessing your garden space. It’s best to have a basic sketch of your garden at this time, either made by hand or with a digital design software. 

What’s important in studying your garden space is assessing the atmosphere of your garden. Will it turn out a simple and airy yard? Or perhaps a chic layout can work in your space? No matter what vision you have in mind, make sure that it is tailored to your property. 

4. Pick Your Plants

Gardengigs Residential Works - Tree with Red and Violet Flowers Under

Of course, plants are the most important part of a garden. It’s what makes a garden in the first place! So take your time and choose your plants carefully. Here are the factors to consider when choosing plants for your dream garden:

  • Colours and design
  • Level of maintenance
  • Climate
  • Size

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Fill out the sunny parts of your garden with sun-loving and fast-growing plants. But also get some hardy plants that you believe can keep the garden lush all year round.

5. Add In The Features

Get one step closer to your dream garden by adding other elements to spruce up the ambience. A good outdoor lighting set-up can make a beautiful garden absolutely jaw-dropping. Outdoor seating, patios, and other functional decorations can do just the trick!

If you have kids or pets, make sure to keep their needs and wants in consideration. For example, maybe a large sculpture in the middle of the garden is not as child-friendly as a sunken trampoline.

6. Go The Extra Mile

Your garden will grow better if you take care of your plants regularly. Make a care plan for your plants and soil to make sure everything is kept healthy. The question to ask yourself now is how much time can you spend each day to maintain your dream garden? 

You can go the extra mile and spend some time researching fertilisers, soil conditioners, pest control, and other efforts you can take to keep your dream garden stunning. 

7. Does It Make You Happy?

At the end of it all, it is your dream garden that you’re trying to create. The pressure can be overwhelming sometimes in getting the details perfect for your garden. But what you need to value the most is how you feel about it. If you’re happy, then your dream garden is successful! 

Transform your dream garden into a reality now with Gardengigs! Our custom design service in Canberra can really bring your vision to life and we’ll make sure it matches both your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today.