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How often do you use your garden? Do you go outside, sit down and truly enjoy being out there? Or does it feel like a bit of a mess? Maybe being out in the garden actually makes you feel overwhelmed because it’s overgrown and haphazard? Or perhaps you’re just sick of staring at a blank and lifeless yard with an expanse of lawn and a few limp plants?
You’re not alone. In fact, many Canberra families want to redesign their landscape and garden, but don’t know where to start. That, of course, is where we come in – Gardengigs, Landscapers Gardeners Canberra! We can transform your garden into your own private sanctuary, an entertainer’s dream or even a practical and functional productive garden – whatever takes your fancy.
Even if you have a few ideas about what you’d like your garden to be, but are struggling to pull it all together into a landscape design, we can help with that too. We offer a custom design service where you’ll receive a colour plan to help you visualise the possibilities. We’ll listen to your needs before coming up with a garden design that’s perfect for your lifestyle and achievable for your budget.

With years of experience gardening and Landscaping in Canberra, we’ve noticed a few things that makes this town unique. One of the unique things about Canberra garden design is that we don’t have front fences (thanks, Walter B-G!). Because of this restriction, a lot of our clients want to make a statement in the front garden, or create a landscape design that helps to afford them a little more privacy. Of course we’re happy to help you with your front garden and landscape too.

The other key thing to know about garden design in Canberra is what plants are able to withstand our intense climate. As you know, it can get extremely cold here in Canberra, with thick morning frosts. At the other end of the thermometer, the summer sun can be scorching, leaving delicate plants burnt, just like a bare back on a hot summer’s day. We can experience periods of drought, or, as we’ve recently seen, flash flooding; so plant’s selection and garden design in Canberra needs to account for these extremes.

That said, there are a myriad (or should we say, Floriade) of landscape and garden designs that work perfectly in Canberra – you just need to know what you’re doing. No matter what your gardening and landscaping needs, we’ll be there to take the guesswork out.

How often do you take time to smell the roses, so to speak? Or perhaps you prefer kangaroo paw? It doesn’t really matter, because whatever your preferences, Gardengigs are expert landscapers and gardeners based here in Canberra. We will create a custom garden design that’s right for you, the climate and your lifestyle.