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Best Garden Design & Landscaping Contractors Canberra ACT

We’ve been landscaping gardens for years now, and in that time we’ve learnt how to deal with our unique climate and growing conditions in the Australian Capital Territory. We’re passionate about our Canberra community and the unique challenges and opportunities living in the Bush Capital can offer. That’s what makes us one of the best landscaping companies Canberra region has to offer.

As a local landscaping company, we understand that our clients are often looking for something different in their garden and landscape design. You might be looking for a landscape contractor that can help express your personality in your existing lawn, or support your way of life. Whether it’s building quality gardens, a ‘simple’ retaining wall, garden beds, an outdoor area that needs paving, or an entire landscape redesign and reconfiguration, we can help.

In addition to building quality gardens and the standard landscaping services, we can take care of earth-moving, paving, drainage, fencing, retaining walls, irrigation systems, lighting and many other landscape construction works. Call us and have a chat about your landscaping needs, and we can take it from there.

We are actually blessed living in such a beautiful city with native trees and wildlife all around. As Canberrans, we should own the title of Bush Capital and design gardens and landscapes that beg to be enjoyed. There’s nothing better than getting outside and enjoying a cuppa in the fresh air, or watching the kids run around and explore. We can help you create that dream landscape design here in the Canberra ACT region.

Our Gardengigs team offers full services including:

  • Site and planting planning
  • Horticulture advice
  • Decks and pergolas
  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • Children’s safe play areas
  • Terrace and balcony designs
  • Water features and garden lighting
  • Turf establishment
  • Gates, fencing, and garden edging


GardenGigs are a team of landscaping contractors known for providing incredible landscaping services, professional service, and outstanding customer service. We have years of experience landscaping Canberra gardens, local knowledge and expertise, horticultural training and a quality over quantity mindset. You wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the best Canberra landscapers.

So, whatever you need from professional landscapers, we’ve got you covered (in turf, mulch, paving, or whatever you like) with our quality service and great service. So, instead of being given the run-around by other Canberra landscaping companies, call Greg and his team of experienced landscapers to  arrange a quote today.

Gardengigs Landscaping Canberra Services - Landscaping Design Concept Drawing
Gardengigs Landscaping Canberra Services - Blooming Green Garden Plant Leaves