Services we offer

Find out how we can help bring your outdoor space to life.


Let one of our experienced landscape designers look at your home and see what can be achieved.

Consults are in-depth discussions. From this on-site discussion, we can customise a solution and create a sanctuary for you to grow in or just sit back and enjoy your own private oasis.

Custom Design

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a personalised landscape design.

Our custom colour designs are offered only when needed and include a layout with notations on materials, plants lighting and irrigation layouts.

Our designs are easy to understand and are very cost effective.


Your project is managed by your designer to ensure your design is implemented to mirror your custom design.

Our team are highly skilled and qualified tradespeople and we use only the highest quality materials available.

Your garden will be designed and implemented by a qualified landscape designer and horticulturist, ensuring plants and soils used are of the highest quality.

All plants are selected with our cold winter mornings and our roasting summers in mind.


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